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How to Renew a South Dakota Insurance License

1. Review the State Requirements

In order to renew your insurance license, you must complete the required continuing education hours for the lines of insurance that you are licensed in. All of the hours must be completed and reported prior to your license renewal date to avoid a lapse in your license.


Total Hours

  • 10 hours biennially for Life/Health OR Property/Casualty licenses
  • 20 hours biennially for combined Life/Health AND Property/Casualty licenses.
  • 4 hours biennially for Crop Only licenses
  • 10 hours biennially for Crop and Life/Health licenses (2 Crop/8 L&H)
  • 10 hours biennially for Crop and Property/Casualty licenses (2 Crop/8 P&C)
  • 20 hours biennially for Crop and Life/Health and Property/Casualty licenses (2 Crop/8 P&C/10 L&H)
  • 10 hours biennially for licensees of a farm mutual insurer (in PC insurance)

Compliance Renewal Date

Renewal date is the licensee's date of birth. Renewals are biennial and based on the licensee's birth year. Producers with even birth years renew in even years; producers with odd birth years renew in odd years. If a resident producer adds a qualification to their existing license, the Continuing Education (CE) requirements for the new qualification will be waived until after their next renewal.


You may also need to take specific courses or earn specific credit types to renew your license. These course completions will count toward the total hour requirement.


Course must be taken in the lines for which license is held. A minimum of 8 hours in each line must be taken for producers holding both Life & Health and Property & Casualty licenses. Hours in the General type cannot be applied toward Crop licenses. Company-sponsored courses are limited to 50% of the requirement for each line - does not apply to licensees required to only complete 5 credit hours or less.

For Life & Health Agents:

4 hrs - Producers must complete a one-time 4-hour annuity training course prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating annuity products.

Long Term Care
8/4 hrs - Producers must complete an initial 8-hour LTC training prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating LTC products/policies. After completing the initial requirement, producers must complete a 4-hour LTC course every 2 years thereafter.

For Property & Casualty Agents:

3 hrs - Property/Casualty producers must complete a one-time 3-hour course on NFIP Flood education prior to selling flood insurance policies.


There are also additional rules about how the course hours can be applied.


Carryover hours are not allowed.


Courses may not be taken more than once in a reporting period.


If you meet any of criteria below, you may be exempt from the continuing education requirements.


  • Non-residents
  • Licensees receiving a license after 9/30 of an even-numbered year but before 10/1 of an odd-numbered year must complete at least 1/2 of the CE requirement.  The CE period will be waived for any new qualification added during the 2-year CE period of an existing producer's license until their first renewal.
  • Individuals who hold a limited license to sell only credit life and credit health insurance
  • Resident attorneys licensed to practice law in South Dakota
  • Individuals who are transportation ticket producers of common carriers holding a limited license to sell only travel accident and baggage insurance
  • Individuals who are employed by a trade association and hold a limited license to sell only surety bonds to its association members
  • Individuals who were over age 65 and were licensed in South Dakota for at least 10 years as of 7/1/06 are exempt
  • Individuals who are over age 65 and have been licensed in South Dakota for at least 10 years on or after 7/1/06 are exempt as long as they are no longer actively selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance
  • Individuals who hold limited license to sell only bail bonds
  • Individuals holding a South Dakota license outside of the United States or its territories
  • Limited or restricted licensees that the director may exempt

2. Register for and Complete Courses

Once you have determined the renewal requirements for your license, you can register for courses. Each course has an associated credit type; when registering for courses, select courses with credit types that will help to fulfill the renewal requirements for your license.

1st Dakota Insurance School offers webinar, online, and classroom courses for South Dakota. We also partner with A.D. Banker and Company for webinar and online options.  You can register for courses under the Continuing Education menu on our website at

You must fulfill the course requirements for each of the courses to have them reported.

  • Classroom and webinar course completions are based off of attendance and participation and do not require a completion exam. You must be present for the full duration of the course and be active and attentive throughout to receive credit.
  • Online and Self Study courses are self-paced. You must review the course material and pass the Certification Exam at the end to receive credit.


Online and self study exams do not require a monitor.


Once a course has been completed, the completion must be reported to the state. 1st Dakota Insurance School or A.D. Banker will report the course completions to Sircon.

3. File a Renewal Application

Once you have satisfied the renewal requirements for your license, you can file a renewal application at Renewal applications can be filed in the 90 day period prior to the license expiration date.


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1st Dakota Insurance School provides licensing information as a courtesy to our students. While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, licensees are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with the requirements set forth by their state licensing entity. 1st Dakota Insurance School offers no guarantee of the accuracy of this information and will not be held liable in case of noncompliance with the license requirements.